has been a leader in producing
quality chinaware for the transportation industry for over twenty years.

Our customers represent who's who
in the railroad industry, from Class One
carriers to regional railroads all using
products from
China Concepts.

Our light-weight china appears on many executive aircraft. Even the President
of Peru uses china produced by
China Concepts.

Many museums, railroad historical societies,
private railcar owners, and dinner trains have ordered china from
China Concepts.

To enhance your dining experience,
whether it is on a plush private railcar,
or an executive aircraft, luxury yacht or boardroom,

China Concepts will provide
superior service, timely deliveries and
the highest in quality - for prices that
will surprise you.

Our slogan is,
"Custom China at Stock china prices."


There is something special about traveling on a train especially on a private railcar or luxury tour train. The American Orient Express provides first-class luxury tours throughout the United States and Canada.

One of the hallmarks of touring with the American Orient Express
is their gourmet meals served to passengers on China Concepts ware.

The above pattern developed for the American Orient Express received the Excellence In Design award from the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators.

While we have many STOCK patterns that can keep costs down, China Concepts can and does offer
CUSTOM designs to meet your decorating needs.

Click on "Your China" to custom design your own exclusive china pattern. It's as easy as one, two, three.

Custom China For Discriminating Tastes

Amtrak: The First 40 Years

Rail Poster Art


Tea stains and your cups

Tea stains in cups have always presented a problem. Tea causes an oil buildup on the inside of the cup. Yet, the protective glaze in only as thick as a human hair.

When attempting to remove the stains, it’s important that NO metal scouring devises or chlorine-based bleach to be used. Chlorine bleach will pit the thinly glazed surface.

To maintain a stain-free look, cups must be washed within 30 minutes of use with an oxygen-based bleach. It”s best to use Sysco liquid cleaner pre-soaking solution. Green scouring pads from 3M may also be used.

Follow directions that come with the oxygen-based bleach. We tested Oxiclean (an oxygen-based bleach) and these are their directions.

• Immerse cup in solution for five (5) minutes.
• Do not pour solution into the soiled cup.
• The bleach may not have dissolved evenly in the water.
• Put the cup into the water, rather than the water into the cup.
• Do a test piece first to see of five minutes is sufficient.
• After soaking, scrub soiled area and rinse thoroughly.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Ordering Custom China

• How many place settings do I need to order?
You may order as few as 12 place settings.

• How many pieces are in a place setting and what are they?
Five. They include a 10-1/4” plate, 7-7/8” plate, cup, saucer and 4-1/2” fruit dish.

•What extra pieces can I order?
Soup bowl, charger plate, sugar packet holder and salt & pepper shakers.

• How do I create a custom-made pattern?
Check out patterns shown on our web site. Any of them can be used and modified.

• Can I create a new china pattern?
Yes, we have a graphic artist who can create a new pattern and artwork.

•What is the cost of creating new artwork and artwork?
The cost ranges between $100.00 and $250.00 depending upon the complexly of
the design.

• How much will my china cost?
It depends on howmuch gold or silver trimis used, but the average cost is $125.00
for 12 place settings each. 24 settings @ $105.00 each, 36 settings @ $90.00 each
48 settings @ $75.00 each. Shipping charges are extra.

•Will I see a sample of my design?
We can provide an artist rendering and send you the design via e-mail.

•Will I see a real sample?
Yes, we will send you a dinner plate for your approval of design and colors after
the artist rendering has been approved.

• How long will it take to receive a sample plate?
Samples usually take 4-6 weeks.

• Once I approve a sample, how long does it take to get my china?
Once the sample has been approved, we can ship the china in 6-8 weeks.

• How do I pay for the china?
We require a 50% down payment upon approval of the sample plate and balance
upon delivery.

Helpful Hints

• Dark colors work best for your rim design.

• Imagine your logo the size of a quarter coin. Is it ledgeable?